Childbirth preparation - Evenings for couples



This class covers information about pregnancy, labor and birth. We learn ways to cope with pain, fear, and muscle tension. We practice breathing and birth positions for the different phases of labor with your partner/coach and some easy massage for birthing. We address advantages and disadvantages of various methods of pain relief and other questions brought up by the participants.
In this childbirth preparation course for couples there are several hours set aside where the men and women are separated into single sex groups. The men will have a male birth educator, where they are able to discuss and explore issues relevant to men and at the same time the women are able to have sessions just with the women and discuss and explore topics relevant to the women.

Datum Dauer Kurs-Nr. Preis Sonstiges
05.10.2023 to 26.10.2023
6.30 pm - 9.30 pm *
4x Thursday 8104-23-E-33 274 € In-house or online
01.02.2024 to 22.02.2024
6.30 pm - 9:30 pm *
4x Thursday 8104-24-E-21 274 € In-house or online