Mom and Baby FenKid® Classes


FenKid® Parenting Classes

We enhance and develop our concept continuously to work with the best quality and knowledge for our parents. Our primary focus in the course is on our children and our full attention is on their needs instead of simply achieving a goal or running through a program of a course.

Our strongest focus is on bonding and relational competence based on modern brain research, Emmi Pikler, Maria Montessori, Elfriede Hengstenberg and Jesper Juul’s findings. As a relationship is not something that you get from the beginning of life it has to be developed and established.

Throughout our courses, we seek to help parents to enhance, stabilize and develop the relationship with their children. This is with a long time perspective to improve the quality of families’ lives.

Find and share with FenKid :

Freundschaften - F - friendships

Entwicklung fördern – e – support development

Neues entdecken, Spielzeug, Lieder, Reime - n – Discover something „new“, toy, songs, rime

Kompetenz, Kommunikation, Kooperation - K – competence, communication, cooperation

Inspiration finden, informiert entscheiden -  i – find inspiration, decide on an informed basis

Dinge spielerisch erfassen, den Bewegungsimpulse folgen - d – comprehend things playfully, follow the impulse of movement


Datum Dauer Preis
13.09.2022 to 22.11.2022
15:30 - 16:45 pm *
10x Tuesday 150 €
13.12.2022 to 28.02.2023
15:30 - 16:45 pm *
10x Tuesday 150 €