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Why natural childbirth is still the best
Natural Childbirth means when biochemical processes of labor are not interrupted by strong analgesics or narcotics. In this case maternal bonding between mother and child will be strong from the beginning on. So mother, father, and child can have direct access to their love. A soothing and professional childbirth preparation supports women in their very own power to give birth to their child in a natural way.

Course Content
A physical, mental, and well-informed preparation on the forthcoming labor is the main outcome of the antenatal courses. This outcome will be achieved with the following methods:

Body Experience

  • relax and build up new power
  • stimulate your circulation – relieve your back
  • experience your breathing (contraction breathing)
  • deal positively with stress situations
  • get to know different birth positions
  • build up contact with your child

Easy movements, like in everyday life, are basis for our body exercises. Breathing is the nutritious connection between the child and the own perception.

Partner Exercises

  • massages for pain relief in pregnancy and labor
  • changes in partnership

Information on and exchange about

  • changes in pregnancy
  • phases of labor and possible routine measures
  • physiological meaning of contraction pain and fear
  • Postpartum
  • Breastfeeding
  • Living with the new born
  • Questions and concerns

Our courses include

Our facilitators
are certified prenatal preparation facilitators. They keep themselves constantly up to date with regular advanced education programs, supervision and professional exchange.

Some public insurance providers grant a reimbursement of around 95 €. As the reimbursement procedure is up to the medical insurance providers, we cannot guarantee any reimbursement.
In case of financial difficulties please do not hesitate to ask for a price reduction.

Lunch / Beverages not included!