Baby DROP-IN in English - at our Café Netzwerk and live online!!

Baby DROP-In at our Café Netzwerk, bi-weekly on Monday
from 11:15 am - 12:45 pm

August 17th
September 14th

As we can only allow a max. number of 6 participants at our Café, we kindly ask you to register before joining:

Live online Baby DROP-IN, bi-weekly on Friday
from 10 am - 11:30 am.

We kindly ask you to request the link and meeting code by contacting Amelie Dubroy:

A meet-up for new parents and their babies
Topics include breast feeding, weaning, diapering and care, and soothing. Pregnant women are very welcome as well.
Our meet-up is a beautiful opportunity to connect with other new parents, to listen and to be heard. Babies of various ages and parents from all sorts of cultural backgrounds create a diverse and welcoming atmosphere. Topics of conversation will vary depending on your current needs and questions. We will often talk about nursing in all facets, weaning and introducing solids, unsettled crying babies, changing relationships, diapering and bathing, baby wearing, travelling with babies and toddlers, staying connected to our families and cultures abroad, finding and starting day care, returning to work and finding a new balance

Fee: 3 €